To test all the relevant quality characteristics, we therefore use AOI and other current tests, such as in-circuit and function tests or burn-in / run-in, as standard.

Increasing quality requirements and the application of the newest housing technologies for electronically components need modern inspection technologies.Deltec uses an automatically in-line compatible X-Ray System of Viscom. The control and analysis of the soldering quality for optically covered solder joints, which cannot be controlled by optical inspection systems, can be assured with the system. The best example are modern housing configurations like BGAs, but also other applications, like the control of voids at thermally critical components can be checked.



BGA solder bridge below the component (between component and PCBA)





Voids – the thermal connection is reduced




• AOI, in-circuit and function tests,
  burn-in and run-in

• 6 AOI, 100% inspection of
  all solder joints, including selective
  and wave

• X-ray inspection system

• 7 ICT, 9 FKT

• Flashprogramming possible

• Traceability assured