Soldering method
Lead-free soldering

The future is already standard
Today, we are already delivering tomorrow’s process standards, with their emphasis on environmental protection. When our customers use our products, they are complying with the EU Directive on RoHS – and that has been the case since 2002. Our lengthy experience in lead-free soldering is our customers’ assurance of the highest quality.

Every soldering option offered
Our early acquisition of expertise in lead-free soldering and proven use in practice over a number of years make us a qualified specialist for all lead-free soldering options. Selective, reflow or wave soldering – we routinely master every process.

Ahead on expertise
Collaborating closely with a solder paste manufacturer, we have had a significant involvement in the development and certification of various lead-free solder pastes. As one of the first companies in the world to do so, we supplied 0201 components processed using lead-free solder pastes; these components have been introduced in mass manufacturing for the automotive industry, where they proved their reliability.

• Satisfying the EU RoHS Directive
  since 2002

• All lead-free soldering options offered
  (selective, reflow and wave soldering)

• One of the first companies in the world
  processing 0201 components ready for
  mass-manufacturing using lead-free
  solder pastes

• 6 reflow-convection furnaces,
  nitrogen, 80% lead-free

• 1 selective soldering plant,
  nitrogen, 100% lead-free
  multiwave und selectwave capability

• 3 wave soldering plants,
  nitrogen, capable of producing lead-free

• Manual soldering