New SMD production line at DELTEC

In summer 2007 DELTEC succeeded to land a major order which required the enlargement of our manufacturing capacity. DELTEC decided to add a new Fuji-line to the existing  5 Panasonic SMD-lines.  Already during  evaluation  the assembly increased from previous 80 million component parts to 140 million component parts per month.

Up  front  of the new line is a Fuji screenprint automat GPX that stands out by a very precise print, easy operating and low cycle times. The next machine is a 2D paste inspection system type QS 3054 from Viscom.
Then come 10 M6S double track-assembly modules from Fuji. Together the 10 modules have a theoretic assembly performance of 170.000 component parts per hour whereas the assembly spectrum ranges from 01005 component parts up to component size 74 x 74mm. The various modules can quite easily be exchanged and thus guarantee a very high flexibility for DELTEC. Based on the double track system there are no long loading and unloading times and there is almost no time loss. The adjoining Fuiji assembly machine type AIM overtakes particularly the multi functional assembly part such as BGAs, connector strips and QFPs. The line completes a reflow solder system V8 from Rehm. The oven possesses 5 pre-heating zones with top heat and bottom heat each as well as 2 peak and 2 cooling zones. With this equipment it is possible with no problem to solder even large bulky boards with low Delta T between small and big component parts. This is especially important in lead-free soldering technology as there often is only a very small process window available.

June 2008