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SMD Technology

The SMD process for your products is performed on the most modern generation of systems. Our SMD service encompasses the following processes:

  • PCB marking for traceability: label or laser
  • Inspection of soldering-paste printing with state-of-the-art 3D inspection systems (SPI)
  • Top-quality component assembly → measurement of PCB curvature in the assembly machines, coplanarity testing of components by means of an integrated 3D camera, closed-loop system between SPI and printer, and between SPI and assembly machine
  • Reflow soldering in production ovens in nitrogen atmospheres, continuous monitoring of the temperature profile, soldering process possible under a vacuum (reduction of trapped air in the soldered points)
  • Thorough inspection of all SMD soldering points by means of state-of-the-art 3D AOI systems
LED placement

We place particular importance on top quality and providing our customers with a bespoke service.

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On the journey from the SMD-fitted assembly to the complete device, we offer the following services.

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Our aim is to achieve this zero-defect strategy. In order to ensure the quality of deliverables, extensive tests and inspections can be carried out in-house.

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